Sanja Vasiljević

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Analytical psychology vewpoint on art and artwork is presented. Brief historical overview on relations of Jung, analytical psychology and art is given. wo types of artwork are further presented: psychological artwork, type I, and visionary artwork, type II. Possibilities of interpretation of both types of artwork are explained. Analytical psychology is directed towards understanding unconscious contents and processes of the artwork, with this it broadens our insights into the meaning of the artwork. Discussion poses questions of interpretation of neglected types of artwork: popular, modern, kitsch artwork. Onwards, analytical psychology contribution to understanding and interpreting arts is discussed, in relation to classical psychoanalysis and art psychology. Specific contribution of analytical psychology to psychology of arts is found in recognition of deeper meaning of the artwork, achieved by acknowledging unconscious, both personal and collective, as well as in analytical non-reductionist method that does not destroy the magic of art.


interpretation, art, analytical psychology, Jung

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/TEME190122003V


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