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The paper represents an overview of the developmental line of J. Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological theory and its key characteristics in each developmental phase. It took three decades from the first integral representation of this theory to its mature form. That line is marked by an essential shift from the ecological to bioecological concept of human development. If we pretend to conduct a biecological valid research, it is very important to learn about teh development of this theory, even more since it is very often conceptualized as only ecological, without using its revised and complete version in research.  The analysts of the Bronfenbrenner theory recognized only a few researche, among all that are declarative based on bioecological theory, that really uses bioecological “PPCT“ model as the research design. The need for this kind of overview of this “theory in development“ is highlighted more by the fact that in our region is available the very first, ecological version of the Bronfenbrenner's theory (1997, Екологија људског развоја).


bioecological theory of development, ecological system, proximal processes, „PPCT“ model, J. Bronfenbrenner.

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