Đorđe Ćuzović, Svetlana Sokolov-Mladenović

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Intra-industrial trade is the exchange of products between countries in the same sector of the economy. A significant part of export and import in goods takes place within the same sector of the economy. This paper analyzes the intra-industrial trade in agricultural products of Serbia and its foreign trade partners from 2004 to 2018. The Grubel-Lloyd intra-industrial trade index was used as a measure. The value of GLI in agricultural products increased over the observed period, ranging from 0.485 to 0.590 as in 2018, while the number of IIT-dominated groups ranged from 26 to 35. The results obtained indicate that vertical IIT is more prevalent than horizontal IIT and that the export of products with lower prices dominates, i. e. those that are, according to the assumptions of the model, of lower quality than the imported products. Dynamic change analysis shows that certain changes in the IIT pattern occur over time, but that changes are gradual without sudden peaks in the IIT structure.


intra-industrial trade, Grubel-Lloyd index, agriculture, Serbia, international trade

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