Slobodan Penezić, Neven Cvetićanin

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Numerous challenges and problems the media have faced in recent years, followed by the disappearance of many, resulted in a diagnosis of their global crisis. This situation has forced many media practitioners and theorists to think more about the situation and actively work on its interpretation to find a strategy for survival. Many of them, however, do not bring success, but only increase the problem because they represent a shift from the original role of journalism and the quality of the journalism. Therefore, the reversal of this logic is imposed as a response to the accumulated problems, and attempt to end the crisis. It also stresses the importance of the responsibility of media employees, especially those who run and organize media work - management, and the media content as its consequences. The focus of this article, therefore, is to try to illuminate this often unjustly neglected context, pointing to its importance, and hence the possibility of formulating of a media model that would allow a long-term stability for the media today.


The media crisis, Traditional media, Media management, Media editing, Media business

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