Miroslav Knežević, Bojan Živadinović

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This paper aims to present a comparative analysis of the impact of food quality and service quality on the overall satisfaction of guests who rate restaurants on the TripAdvisor website. Through the conducted research, we collected and analysed written comments and ratings of the guests of 3,163 restaurants in Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Skopje and Podgorica, made during a period of five years preceding the pandemic. After the analysis of 118,884 reviews, we presented the results of the impact of the ratings of various attributes of the restaurant service (atmosphere, food quality, service quality, price-quality ratio) on overall guest satisfaction, and a comparative analysis of the impact of food quality and service quality on the overall satisfaction of the guests who evaluated the observed restaurants. The results of the research showed that not all attributes have the same impact on overall guest satisfaction and that food quality, without exception, had a greater impact than service quality on the overall satisfaction of restaurant users on the TripAdvisor website during the observed period, in relation to the analysed restaurants.


restaurant ratings, guest satisfaction, food quality, service quality, TripAdvisor

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