Violeta Šiljak, Vojkan Selaković, Vladan Vukašinović

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In an attempt to reform the existing system of physical education, whilst following the model of education that saw physical education as a vital element in a wider process of physical education, the French pedagogue, baron Pierre de Coubertin, established a social philosophy of Olympism, based on a moral aspect of Ancient Greek sports education. By defining new principles of physical education, de Coubertin's philosophy was founded on the concept of unity between physical and moral development which is seen as a formative factor in character development. The purpose of this work is to define the origin and characteristics of this process of development and promotion of the Olympic values, while pointing out the importance of implementing the concept of Olympic education in formal educational institutions and their teaching programs, which is one of the main educational goals of the Olympic movement worldwide.


education, classes, physical education, Olympic education, youth.

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