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In this paper, the author gives a historical overview of establishing Serbian teacher education schools in the former Habsburg monarchy. A lot of time had passed, along with a lot of effort invested by the prominent Serbs, from the first teacher courses to the forming of the first Serbian teacher education school called Praeperandia. In this paper, the following methods have been used: historical method, content analysis, and a descriptive method. Through the analysis of a plan and programme of the curriculum of Praeparandia, we could not find any forms of physical education. The first teacher education school, located in Kragujevac, was opened on January 27th 1871. In the curriculum of the three-year teacher education school, and in the second clause of article 11, it was written: ‘There is a place for gymnastics with special props, as well.’ In the further context of this paper, the author, having an insight into available literature and historical documents, gives an overview of physical education, also in pedagogical academies and teacher education schools afterwards. In accordance with the Bologna Declaration and actual reforms of the educational system in Serbia, in the paper the current state of studies research of physical education is presented and the guidelines for its better establishing are given.


physical education, transformation, Faculty of Teacher Education, Saint Andrew.

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