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The subject of the analysis in this paper is the analysis and assessment of the regulatory reach of the Six Pack in the monetary law of the European Union. In this respect, the emphasis of the research is on issues related to the need of coordination of the concepts of economic policy of the Member States at the supranational level as a prerequisite for the effective European monetary law and functions and tasks established by the European Semester as the new institutional mechanism of coordination created in the conditions of the global financial crisis. In the further text, the focus of research is on the objectives of the regulations and directive within the Six Pack, which have made the most serious changes to the monetary laws of the Member States and established new competencies of the European Commission and the European Court of Justice in the field of monetary stability, where the general conclusion is the need for their active role in applying the concept of a European semester in order to preserve legal security and ensure the acquest of the international monetary order.


monetary law, Six Pack, European Semester, European Commission, monetary stability

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