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The subject of the author’s interest in this paper is the consideration of the impact of autonomous sports rules on competition in the relevant sports market. The results of the research are primarily based on the principled opinions or attitudes of the European Court of Justice and the General Court, brought forth in the so-called leading cases, in which the scope of the application of the basic provisions on the competition law of the European Union to sports rules is specified. The basic rules of the Community competition law are found in Articles 101 through 109 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. Although it is not a formal source of the European Union law, the practice of the European Court of Justice and the General Court is extremely important for the interpretation and application of the aforementioned rules. It acts like a kind of signpost on the way to the application of norms governing the protection of competition on the common market. On the basis of the Stabilization and Association Agreement, the Republic of Serbia undertook the legal obligation to implement community law (acquis communautaire) in the domestic legal system. The legal basis for harmonising the competition law in the Republic of Serbia with the law of the European Union is represented by Articles 72 and 73 of the Law on Confirmation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement between the European Communities and their member states


autonomous sports rules, peculiarities of sport, competition law, community law

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