Jelena Z. Stanković, Evica Petrović, Nevenka Vojvodić-Miljković

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The aim of every business activity is maximising profits, which explains the tendency of business entities to make products and services readily and easily available for customers. The insurance activity is not free of placement problems. In order to survive, an insurance company must constantly follow the trend of the development of services and distribution channels. As an emergence of global insurers has raised the issue of the placement of insurance services, innovations related to the placement of insurance services will be the subject of this paper. However, the success of the placement of services is dependent upon the fulfilment of the following preconditions: the service is of great quality; it is adequately distributed – available, its price – the insurance premium – suits the quality and is competitive; the service is presented to customers in a quality manner, while the sales personnel is highly motivated to do their job. The merger of a banking and insurance subject may result in the reduction of costs, as well as in spurring the synergistic effects and an increase in revenue. New technologies, new approaches and dexterities of businessmen contribute to delivering better business results.


bancassurance, promotional tools, sales channels, insurance services.

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