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The process of managing customer complaints in tourism companies is a significant prerequisite for improving customer relationships and increasing the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Companies in tourism tend to reduce the number of dissatisfied and unprofitable customers. The subject of research in the paper is the analysis of the influence of certain factors on the tendency of customers to appeal to tourist agencies and, consequently, to their loyalty.The aim of the research is to examine whether and to what extent the sociodemographic characteristics influence the decision of the customers to file complaints with the agency in case of dissatisfaction with the service. Particular emphasis is on the analysis of the influence of certain relational factors (such as the level of customer confidence, image of the agency and the effectiveness of the complaint management process) on the tendency of customers to appeal and to increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to a particular agency. The importance of research is also in providing guidance to both tourist agencies and other companies in the field of tourism, improving customer relationships and improving the quality of the service process through effective customer complaint management.


tourist agencies, complaints, satisfaction, customer loyalty.

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