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The aim of this paper is to deal experimentally with the transfer effects of training boys and girls in the principles of light refraction concerning success in shooting the target in the water. The inspiration for this research comes from the conclusions drawn by Judd in 1908 which is considered ‘crucial’ in pedagogical psychology since it represents an experimental basis of the generalized theory of transfer. There were two groups in the research: the experimental group of boys and the experimental group of girls and they received training in the principles of light refraction. There were also two control groups of girls and boys and they didn’t have a program. After the completion of the training, shooting targets in the water was carried out, at the first depth (50 cm) and then, at the second depth of water (20 cm). The respondents were eighth- grade boys and girls from the elementary school in Pečenjevac (the experimental groups) and Razgojna (the control groups). The errors in shooting targets were used in order to process the results. The analysis of the variance and the test of the significance of changes and differences among them were used for statistical procedures. The comparative analyses of the experimental and control groups showed that the experimental group was more successful at shooting targets in the water. Furthermore, the analyses denote gender differences in the transfer of the experimental program. Even though this research is, to some extent, different from Judd’s experiment, in terms of methodology, it has confirmed his conclusions and pointed out some new facts.


transfer, gender of the respondents, training in the principles of light refraction, shooting targets in the water.

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